Meet Chris:

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Apple Pie

Apple Vanilla



White Lightening


Chris Clark, the mixologist and sales rep. This is the guy that gathers info from the public on what they would like to see and he makes it happen. With an open ear to new ideas for flavors and proofs, Chris doesn't just pick up the phone. He goes to different locations to see how things are moving and to see how we can be of further assistance. Not only does he bring new drink ideas to the table but also new business ideas that the distillery, distributor, liquor store and bars can benefit from. If you see him walk in your establishment, know that he has a money making idea stirring in his mind. No matter what your clientele may be, he always has something up his sleeve. 

Here at Lucky Duck we work off of old recipes with new formulas. Our alcohol bases are corn whiskey and grain neutral spirits. Right now we are producing small batches of bourbon whiskey "limited supply" which his 90 proof, two white lightening's, one is an un aged corn whiskey at 90 proof and the other is a grain neutral spirit at 100 proof, I have  an apple vanilla that is sold in house made from corn whiskey that is bottled at 80 proof, I am waiting on approvals for two aged whiskeys that are flavored, I also have an apple vanilla and apple pie coming soon made from a grain neutral spirit. A peach and cherry are in the making that should be available around June or July. All of my products are all naturally flavored. We will have a longer aged bourbon available in the future. The time is still unknown on that. We are always open to new ideas as long as they are within the laws and guidelines that we must abide by.